Art by Cheryl Kaufman

We Are: memoirs of women, faith, and incarceration

Excerpts from texts by Perpetua, Martina Davis-Correia, Troy Davis, Jen Marlowe, Hasti Irani

Adapted by Lisa Neely

Music arranged by Katie Fox

This event marks the ten-year anniversary of two stories distanced by oceans, nations, language… but bound together by the experience of faith amid incarceration.  Hasti Irani was imprisoned in Iran in March 2011 because of her commitment to Christ, surviving solitary confinement and torture.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the world and outside the prison walls, Martina Davis-Correia worked persistently and passionately for 22 years to make plain her brother’s innocence.  However, on September 21, 2011, her brother was executed outside Atlanta, Georgia.  Their two personal accounts are framed by the writings of St. Perpetua of Carthage, martyred for her faith in the 3rd century.  Join us to hear their experiences in their own words.

Bring your own chair, picnic and drinks.  Yard opens at 5:30pm, show begins at 7pm. 

Recommended for 15 years and above.